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Sims 4 Mod Pack : Fry 'Em Up

Remember the Deep Fryer in Sims 3 Store? It's back -- in this mod pack. This mod pack will bring you brand new experience of a deep fryer, running a fast food diner, and more!


Gameplay Digest

Bring A Deep Fryer Home: Deep fryer is a brand new kitchen appliance in this mod pack. It will not only satisfy their tongue, but also take their life to a higer level. Want to have comfort food to help with negative feelings? Or have some fried gourmet for a fresh new day? And even fried ice cream? COOL. With a deep fryer, your Sims' life will be hotter than ever!

Enjoy Fried Goodies: Cater your Sims to over twenty brand new recipes (with more to come!) and feel the magic of Maillard reaction. Beware the negative effects and utilize the positive effects. And at last: See how tasty they are!

Run your fast food diner: Want some brand new challenge at home? Turn your house into a family diner! Place out your best food and feed those hungry customers. Meet special customers and see Simoleons flood in.

Experiment With Sauce Pairing: Icemunmun's Canning Station Mod, perhaps you've played with it? With this new mod pack, the sauces can be used to flavorize your fried foods! Challenge yourself by determining the matching sauce. Spread chocolate sauce over ice cream, Season your Tempura with Mustard, and add extra spiciness to Stinky Tofu.


HOW TO PLAY : Deep Fryer

(Want to bring her home? NO? ARE YOU NUTS?)

·Deep Fryer

In Buy Mode, Find “Goopy’s Not-So-Deep Deep Fryer” and “Sizzle Twin Baby Pro Deep Fryer” under kitchen appliances.

The first version, which is the lower-end one is pretty much enough for domestic use. But those who pursue quality food or runs a diner might want to purchase the expensive version, which grants an inspired mood aura and access to 12 grand size cooking, which might be helpful for feeding hungry customers. It also cooks food in higher quality, consumes less electricity and satisfy fun need while cooking!

(Use pro deep fryer to make some pro food!)

·Choose Your Oil

Deep fryer consumes oil while cooking, and except for ingredient costs, all you spend while cooking are spent for oil (If you don’t have some Icemunmun’s ingredients or some DLC, the cost might be deducted directly into flat fee). Different Oil have different effects. It is worthy of noticing that recipes above Level 5 Cooking skill are cooked by re-frying the food to make it extra crispy, which means the quality effects will be applied twice.

Newbies Palm Oil: Lowers cost for cooking, but easily flammable and make food greatly worse.

Pancakes Soybean Oil: Default oil, slightly decrease food quality.

Altos Upper-Class Peanut Oil: Available at Level 5 Cooking skill; double the cost of cooking but increase food quality.

Perfectly Balanced Organic Olive Oil: Available at Level 10 Wellness or Gourmet Cooking skill or Sims with Health Food Nut lifestyle; triple the cost of cooking, increase food quality, prevents negative effects of fried food and make the food contain 0 calories.

Besides, food crafted with the first three types of oil will be categorized as Junk Food, but with the last oil, it will be Healthy Food instead.

(This paragraph was sponsored by the Altos)

·The Classical

There are currently 21 recipes available on the deep fryer (with more to come, and support for some Icemunmun recipes ad vampire recipes to come).

Of the 21, 10 of them are normal classic food unlocked with Cooking Skill, each at a level. To make sure all of them have corresponding ingredients, I used the Faux Meat Cube for meat recipes (though I personally hate it, hope Farming EP grants real meat ingredients).

Those ten classic fried goodies grants a buff that alleviates negative feelings, extend positive feelings, and slightly lowers motive decay!

1.French Fries (Level 1, potato as optional ingredients)

2.Fried Apple Rings (Level 2, apple and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

3.Onion Rings (Level 3, onion and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

4.Fried Chicken Nuggets (Level 4, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

5.Squid Rings (Level 5, vampire squid and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

6.Fried Fish Fillets (Level 6, Fish and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

7.Fried Chicken Drumsticks (Level 7, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

8.Fried Chicken Wings (Level 8, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

9.Fried Chicken Cutlets (Level 9, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

10.Fried Bullfrog (Level 10, Any Frog and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

(If you have Snowy Escape installed, many food can be consumed with chopsticks!)

·Fry Something Good!

Gourmet Cooking Skill also unlocks 10 recipes, each at a level. Those ten fried gourmets grant a buff that further alleviates negative feelings, extend positive feelings even longer, and greatly lowers motive decay! They also have a visible buff after eating, which extends the power of fried food even after the food! Magical Gourmets!

1.Vegetable Tempura (Level 1, bell pepper, mushroom and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

2.Shrimp Tempura (Level 2, crawdad, mushroomand egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

3.Churros (Level 3, cocoa bean, wheat and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

4.Youtiao (Level 4, wheat from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; grants extra moodlet if consumed while drinking Tofizz in Eco Lifestyle or Soymilk from Icemunmun)

5.Stinky Tofu (Level 5, tofu from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; Sims might like or hate it after several servings of them; Foodies, Gluttons, Slobs and Adventurous Sims will definitely like it)

6.Tonkatsu (Level 6, Faux Meat Cube and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; grants extra moodlet if consumed while drinking canned Miso Soup in Snowy Escape)

7.Wiener Schnitzel (Level 7, Faux Meat Cube and lemon as optional ingredients; slows down social decay after consuming)

8.Fried Cream Puffs (Level 8, wheat, cocoa bean and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; slows down fun decay after consuming)

9.Snowcoated Beanpaste (Level 9, Black Bean, Red Bean and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; massively slows down social decay after consuming)

10.Wagyu Katsu Sando (Level 10, Faux Meat Cube, and Breadstick and Black Pepper from Icemunmun as optional ingredients; massively slows down fun decay after consuming; the higher its quality is, the slower the motive decays)

(Make your Sim's life complete with the Wagyu Katsu Sando that's going viral on Simstagram! Or so they said.)

·Both Cold, and Hot!

If you have Cool Kitchen SP, then congratulations! You can make fried ice cream goodies! Fried Ice Cream not only grants happiness for Sims, but also make them immune to Temperature. When paired with the matching sauce, it grants an even stronger buff that freezes motive decays! There’s only one for now but there are more to come!

1. Fried Ice Cream (Level 3, cherry, vanilla bean and egg from Icemunmun as optional ingredients)

(Ice Creams are cold, so consuming them will actully burn calories. RIGHT?)

·Mind Your Health!

Health is important. While eating fried buff and employ the power of them, beware health issues!

(At least for now, I AM content.)


Fried food make Sims lose their appetite, therefore their hunger will decay slower after eating fried food. After two serving or three serving in several hours, this effect will be even stronger. Well, that seems like a positive buff for Sims, though. Lucky Sims.

But upon the fourth one in the near hours, beware. This one will instantly gain weight for them, and might generate some short-term effects or long-term effects.

(Even the best Wagyu Sando is still fried food...?)

·Short Term Effects

Nausea: Your Sim might want to puke.

Diarrhea: Get ready to rush toward toilets or pee themselves.

Nightmare: Have you ever dreamed about being chased by deep-fried monsters? No? That’s a relief.

Constipation: From now on, your Sim will spend less time eating than in the toilet...You don’t want this? Why?

Loss of Appetite: Well, they don’t feel like eating anything. Just don’t starve, OK?

(Constipation tortures every Sim in complete equality)

·Long Term Effects

Furious Hearts: Become extremely angry after mean or mischief interactions. Be sure to calm down or they might...

Mentally Fried: Can barely learn mental or creative skills, and spend longer crafting or doing homework.

Physically Fried: Energy Motive decay faster. Can barely learn physical skills, and gain weight easily.

Naughty Stomach: Get ready for diarrhea, Nausea, or constipation!

(Why does organic oil make food healthy? Something's fishy...)

·Healthy Eating

To prevent the effects above, use organic oil, healthy sauce, learn wellness skill, or purchase the “Grease Immunity” reward trait.

Note that the more fried food a Sim eats in their lifespan, the more vulnerable they are to long-term effects.

(Fun Fact: Sims with Deep Fried Souls always want to taste theDeep Fried Soul)

·Reward Traits

This mod also adds a couple of new reward traits for your Sim to utilize Fried Food and Deep Fryer.

Grease Immunity: Completely immune to the negative effects of fried food.

Sauce Master: Knows the best sauce for the food after tasting, and gains powerful moodlet after a perfectly paired sauce.

Petty Fryer: Cook fried food at half price, and occasionally save ingredients.

Maillard Wizard/Witch: Can cook impeccable food on the the deep fryer.

Deep Fried Soul: Gains powerful moodlets while and after eating fried food.

King/Queen of the Fryer: The food they make with the deep fryer never spoils, and are always outstanding.


HOW TO PLAY: Run a Fast Food Diner

·How to run a diner

In Build Mode, Find “Chained Fast Food Diner”Lot Challenge (Lot Challenge instead of Lot Traits!), and assign it to your residential lot. That will get you started.

Click on the mailbox, and you’ll find a menu that says “Manage Diner”, you can open or close the diner any time you want.

Once you open the diner, customers will come. More customers will generate on weekends, and also at lunch time or dinner time. Customers will browse any food you’ve provided and placed somewhere on your lot, purchase them , and start eating. After finishing a meal, they leave.

Customers will give feedback on the food, and offer tips according to that. They’ll also increase the rating of the diner if they consume excellent or impeccable meals. Bad meals will decrease the rating

If you make customers wait for too long, they’ll leave and decrease the rating. You can hire performers to play instruments, sing, dance, tell jokes, perform scenes and more to keep customers waiting.

To prevent customers from running freely, I disabled the customers’ autonomy and make them leave after eating. Or else they might just grab your food without paying...And that’s not allowed!

I also disabled Klepto Sims, vampires and celebrities to prevent any problem. Vampires and Celebrities will show up as special guests though, disable them if you dislike them.

Customers will also not gain weight, or else you’ll find everyone chubby after running the diner for a while.

(They leave after eating, they never stay.)

·Prep Work

Click your Sim and under “Manage Diner”, they can order food ingredients online, or call over sauce master to purchase sauce.

(Why do I have to? They've never showed up anyway.)

·What does rating do?

The setting of this diner is a chained diner that goes with the Deep Fryer mod that will be released at the same time with this. Therefore, they’ll demand a weekly franchise fee by increasing the bills of your lot. As you rank up, the franchise fee will be more demanding...Don’t complain, it’s the corporate after all.

Since it's a chained diner, you don’t mark up prices like you do with market stall or business. The prices are defined by the Corporation. When your diner ranks up, the price multipliers of the food also goes up. Customers will also give more generous tips.

Ranking up will also generate more customers, as well as special customers that gives random benefits or increase the difficulty of maintaining the diner.

(I rule my diner!)

·Special Customers

Special customers adds a special flavor to the diner feature, adding randomness, challenges and rewards to the long run, to make the diner feature less repetitive and have greater reward even in longer game-span. Your diner owner will gradually meets them all as they rank up -- just don’t pass before that, some of them only appear at a extraordinarily high rating.

Since some might just want peace, ordinary family diner without shenanigan or trouble, and focus on cooking itself, the customers can be disabled by category. You’ll find the option on the mailbox in ‘Manage Diner’ - ‘Toggle Specific Guests’.

(Love does now work like this...)

·List of Special Customers (by category)

·Customers with special requirements

Vegetarian: Self-evident.

Meat Lover: Self-evident.

Seafood Lover: Self-evident.

Child of the Ocean: Does not eat seafood.

Dessert Lover: Demands a dessert after his/her meal.

Disciplined Diner: Demands breakfast in the morning, Lunch at noon, and dinner at evening. Use the pie menu on the fridge to see the right recipes.

Birthday Wish: Demands a whole cake to celebrate. No need to add birthday candles though (If you add them, it’s perfectly fine). Other Sims will join the celebration and pay for their cake.

Melt Master: Demand Grilled Cheese, and will require three of them. After regaining his/her grilled cheese power, he/she will summon a plate of grilled cheese and make everyone else want to have one.

Glutton: You don’t know how many plates he/she would eat. Prepare enough food.

Foodie: Will react negatively towards poor or normal meals, but gives a weightier feedback on an excellent one, helping you rank up faster.

Left at the Alter: Demands a whole cake to compensate. Decide his/her fate.


Takeouts will give their rating afterward online.

Businessman: Does not eat at the diner, but rather buy the food and leaves.

Tech Guru: Same as Above.


Celebrities will give weighty feedback that help you rank up faster, and their fans will also come to the diner after a celebrity had something tasty here.

1-2 Stars: Come after you rank up to a certain point.

3-4 Stars: Come after you rank up to a higher point.

5 Star: Come after you rank up to an even higher point.


Ghost: Invade into your diner and try to scare your customers away. Calm it down.

Vampire: Just an ordinary diner, to be frank.

Grim Reaper: Cool, isn’t it? He doesn’t do anything special though.

(HOW, Nancy? With your Level 0 Programming skill?)


Dine-and-Dash: Does not pay for his/her food. Find him/her out, or he/she’ll spread the word and gather more Dine-And-Dash.

Pick Pocket: Steals a customer’s wallet. Decide how you’ll deal with this.

Hacker: Hacks into grid and shut off your power. Deal with it.

Brain of the Gang: Gives riddles for you to solve. If not, he’ll scare away ALL your customers.

Ghost: See above.

Interstellar Smuggler: Offers discounted smuggled ingredients after a good meal.

Boss: Leader of the gang. Leads a group of criminals to dine.

·Helping Hands

Detective: Helps with troublemakers in case you don’t want to solve them yourself.

Entertainer: Gives a dance after having good food, keeping customers wait longer.

Athlete: Same as Detective.

Chef: Will come by and be your free chef for once after eating something good in your diner.

Military: Same as Detective.

Sauce Master: Grants discounted sauce after a great meal.

Gardener: Grants discounted harvestables after a great meal.

Secret Agent: Same as Detective. Also provides S.I.M.S power if you’re interested.

Lead Detective: Same as Detective. Leader of the S.I.M.S, leads a groups of agents.

(Isn't Bella gorgeous?)

·Shape your Diner

You decide how your diner is gonna be. Will it be the hangout of the local gang? Or will you cater for the law executors? Or you want to create a vampire diner? Or maybe a late night diner for Night Owls?

·Good VS Bad

There is something between the Helping hands and the troublemakers. Your diner has a rating of their “Order”.

If your Sim work hard to expel the Pickpocket, Hacker, and Brain, they’ll be slowly building up the order, and more Detectives, Athlete, and Military soldiers will summon. Less troublemakers will come. Build up the order continuously to unloch Secret Agent and Lead Detective. They’ll come at meal time and bring extra income for your Sims!

However, if your Sims permits the crime, threaten them to give a share of the stolen money, or sell Infected food at diner, cook with endangered fish, or send bees or dog to attach customers, or just mock the law executors, your diner will generate more troublemakers -- but with benefits! Hackers no longer shut off your power, instead hack free power for you! Brain no longer chase away customers, instead offer expensive food for you customers to buy. Commit crimes and create mayhem in the diner and unlock Interstellar Smuggler and Boss. They’ll come at meal time and bring extra income for your Sims!

(They mean no harm, since they're 'Good Fellas', RIGHT?)

·Vampire Diner

Less customers will spawn at late night. But not for vampires. Sell vampire-friendly food and cater for vampires for several days, and you’ll notice more vampires come by. Less or none ordinary customers will spawn so don’t worry that they’ll complain.

·Late Night Diner

Another method to spawn more customer at late night, if that’s when you decide to open your diner, is to find the party planner that comes every midnight and cater for a party. Earn extra Simoleons from parties and unlock more parties as you rank up.

(Gang VS Aliens, sounds like a movie that will score less than 3 on Rotten Tomato)

·Tame Troublemakers

There are many ways of solving troublemakers, asking the good people for help is one of the most efficient ones, but there are more!

Skills and Character Values count: Use your programming skill to counter the Hacker; Make use of your Mediator trait to calm down the ghost; Use charisma skill to apologize to customers, Use the Debate skill to persuade criminals to leave, etc.

Tech Makes Life Easier: Ask your Servo to zap the criminals away, or use Simray to command them to leave.

Supernatural Powers: Use alien power to erase their intentions, Charm them with mermaid kiss, Command them to leave with Vampire or Spellcaster powers. Console a ghost as a fellow ghost...

Pet Friend: Ask your dog to scare them away, or use a bee swarm to attach them! Ouch!

(For real, it's so cool so see them when they actually come back for a wedding. Yes, I AM complimenting myself.)

·Customers have feelings!

Ghost Returns: If you resurrect the ghost when he/she invades into your diner with Ambrosia or Spellcaster power, he/she’ll return your favor by giving you a special gift after some days.

Wedding Ceremony: If you mend the relationship of the ex-newly-weds, or encouraged another customer to date with her/him, they might return and have a wedding ceremony at your diner -- with pay!

Grand Meal: Guess what will happen if you sell Grand Meal on a holiday with Grand meal custom? What about sabotaged grand meal?

Ice Cream: Serve ice cream during summer heat for extra good comments! Just don’t sell them in winter...


HOW TO PLAY: Sauce Pairing

(The new preserve bottles are just RAD)

·Icemunmun's Canning Sation

Disclaimer: This mod does not include Icemunmun’s Canning Station mod. For more sauces you need to use her wonderful canning station mod.

This part of gameplay is also viable with City Living for some Asian spices and spicy sauces. SCCO’s ketchup also works.

(Add flavor with sauces!)

·Sauce Pairing

Food made out of a deep fryer can be flavored with sauce if you have any food in your inventory.

Sauces are categorized by flavor, such as sweet, sweet and sour, sour, spicy, Asian, herbal and salty vegetarian; Some special sauces have their own category, like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, garlic sauce, and vampiric sauce.

Each fried goodie has a matching sauce. When flavored with the matching sauce, there will be special benefits. Other sauces might be generic and gives a plain happy buff.

(Team Ketchup VS Team Mayonnaise, the war never ends!)

·Ketchup VS Mayonnaise

Are you in team ketchup or in team Mayonnaise? This tension is also brought to the Sims. Your Sim will like either one of them, and will have strong happy buffs and increased skill gain after a food perfectly paired with ketchup or mayonnaise. If not pairing, they’ll still be happy about their favorite sauce.

However, if they eat a food flavored with the other one...They’ll be angry. Foodies and Gluttons, as well as Sauce Masters will like both though.

(Good food with good sauce)

·What's This Flavor?

Food with matching Sweet sauce , Ranch sauce or Salty/Vegetarian Sauce will get Sims energized.

Food with matching Sweet and sour sauce will get Sims inspired.

Food with matching Sour sauce, Garlic sauce and Mustard sauce will get Sims happy.

Fried Ice Cream with perfect ice cream sauces will grant a buff that freezes motives.

Food with matching spicy sauce will get Sims confident.

Food with matching BBQ sauce will get Sims playful.

Besides, Foodies, Perfectionists and Sauce Masters will get a strong buff that slows down hunger decay after a matching sauce; Diner customers will also offer extra tips and diner ratings to that.

(The sadness of a perfectionist)

·What's This Plasmatic Flavor?

Other than perfect sauces and plain sauces, some sauce pairing are just terrible. Food and preserves that are not meant to be sauces will also make the food bad. Not only will this make Sims uncomfortable, but also will this irritate Foodies and Perfectionists; Adventurous Sims might like this, though.

(What sauce might go well with those food?)

·Special Sauces

Some special sauces have their own benefits if added to the food (Not by simply consuming the sauce):

Mother Fruit Jam will get Sims infected.

Plasma Fruit Jam and Heart Jam will allow vampires to recover thirst by consuming the food; others will feel nausea though.

Peppermint Sauce will make the food fresh and prevent Sims from getting negative effects; It also makes diner customers want another serving of food.

Herbal sauce removes negative effects from fired food.

Fish Spread makes Sim Fine and prevent them from strong emotions. But Children of the Ocean and Vegetarians will hate it; Diner Customers will give small tips for herbal or fish spread.

Asian spices grants inspiration; while matching Asian sauces grants a stronger one.

Spice sauces make Sim warm and grant some energy.

Sweet sauces make a food junk food (even if cooked with organic oil)

(Vampires eat human food for thirst? COOL! I mean, not cool for vampires but COOL!)

·It's MY Jam!

U.F.O Jam makes an alien homesick or happy.

Kids, toddlers and Junk Food Fiends loves sweet sauce in any case; a matching one will grant stronger happiness.

Vegetarian and Health Food Nut will be inspired after salty vegetarian sauce, a matching one gives a stronger one.

Spice Hounds love spicy sauces (including Asian spicy sauces) in any case and earns a stronger buff if match with the food.

Customers will give some tips upon their favorite sauce.


Compatibility with Icemunmun Recipes

The following Icemunmun recipes can be cooked with deep fryer if you download the "DeepFryer_AddOn" from Icemunmun. They can also be flavored with sauce!

Note: Place the AddOns in the same folder as Icemunmun's recipe, or else you won't be able to flavor it.

1. Fried Tofu

2. Fried Chicken Tender


Known Issues

1. Customer diners are generated during an hour, but the game spawns them slowly. Therefore you might notice that customers still spawn for an hour or so after closing the diner. I'll streamline this later on, for now please close the diner early.

2. Customers don't leave immediately after you close the diner. They're customers, they have their own thoughts. They'll leave after an hour and a half though.

3. Some EA recipes has no "retail price" defined, so sometimes you might notice they don't earn money by selling the food. The food made out of a grill is just this case. So be sure to sell stove-cooked food!

4.NAPs in Eco Lifestyle will interfere with customers so that customers might leave early if one is active. Make sure no annoying NAPs are active!


Language Available

1.Traditional Chinese(Credit to myself)

2.Simplified Chinese(Also credit to myself)

3.English(Again, credit to myself)

4.French (Credit to Kimikosoma)

5.Russian (Credit to Origamika)

6.Spanish (Credit to GeoSims and JochiTech)



1.2021/2/12 Released the mod.

2.2021/2/19 Added an SCCO version, as well as compatibility with some Icemunmun recipes.

3.2021/3/7 Added French, Russian and Spanish translation.

4.2021/8/4 Updated for Cottage Living; Made the mod compatible with Simple Living Lot Challenge, Lactose Intolerant Trait and group cooking. Arranged some ingredients.

5.2022/6/13 Moved the Lot Trait to Lot Challenge catalog. Also added an interaction to implement the issue of Sims not being able to cook.




2.Baidu Picture for texture.

3.Kimikosoma's help for testing the mod.

4.Icemunmun's help, feedback and harvestables, as well as support during my modding process to help me make this mod!

5.SrslySims' Ketchup and sauces.

6.Wikipedia and Google Translator for food names.

7.Ilkavelle's "Perfectly Balanced Aspiration" for name of the organic oil

8.voky's Sims 4 Translator

9.Sims 3 Devs for deep fryer model

10.Moderators for Sims Tieba, including Miaowcc, mumu and qiuzhang for feedback and advice.

11.Group chat companions for feedback, including 小黄、小布、小羽、朵朵、冰冰 and 孤城

12.Fry Em Up on Youtube for English name of this mod pack.

(Not ranked by importance)


How To Install

1.Unzip the file after downloading, and then place it in "My Document>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods "

2.Enable custom content in game to make it appear in your game

3.Base Game Compatible. Add-Ons need the corresponding DLC.

4.This IS a script mod. Do NOT place the mod under a subfolder in a subfolder.

5.SCCO version please use the version inside SCCO folder (TBA).

Don't know how to use cc or mods? See here

Have an issue or find a bug?See here


Term of Use

When you download any of my mods, custom contents or other stuffs, you're considered to agree with my TOU

Never reupload my file or claim as your own.




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