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October 7, 2016


Get Together is probably the most frequently used EP in the Sims 4, but when I create clubs I always find something missing: When I wanted to create a club of ghosts I found the activities very limited. What's more, molding clay, aquarium...Many activities that could have been included left so much dissappointment to me. So here it comes! Custom Club Activities!


With this mod, you can

Have tons of custom club activities available for your club!

List of custom club activities

Choose which pack you have and download selectively


All About Ghost (Removed)

Ask About Grim Reaper (Removed)

Attend To Babies


Care For Toddlers (NEW)

Charity (Updated)

Complain (NEW)


Cowplant’s cake

Cupcakes (Updated)

Die (Removed)

Dig For Treasure (Updated)

Enthuse About Pregnancy

Friendly Ghost

Future Cube

Game Livestream

Gossip (NEW)



Listen To Stories


Motive Failure (NEW)

Mourn The Dead

Parent-Kid Activity (Updated)

Pen Pal (Updated)

Play With Emotions (NEW,merged)

Plead For The Dead (Removed)

Restore Life (Removed)

Sell Art


Social Network (Updated)

Talk About Vampires (NEW)

Tell Stories (Updated)

Tip Performers

Try For Baby


Use Toilet

Witness Death (NEW)


Outdoor Retreat

Roast Food At Campire



Luxury Party Stuff

Fountain Of Mirth


Get To Work

Dance With Mannequin

Go Shopping (Moved To Base Game, Updated)

Photography* (Moved To Base Game , Updated)

Simray (Moved To Base Game , Updated)


Perfect Patio Stuff

Thioacetone Oil (Removed)


Spooky Stuff

Candy Bowl

Smash Pumpkins (Merged Into ‘Sabotage’)


Spa Day



Movie Hangout Stuff

Discuss Movies


Romantic Garden Stuff

Wishing Well

Dine Out

Discuss Food

Color Place mats


Backyard Stuff

Juice (Removed)

Feed Birds


City Living

Ask For Bribe

Ask For Donation

Bubble Blower (Removed)

Bubble Bottle

Buy Items From Street Sale (Merged Into ‘Go Shopping’)

Check In Public Places (Merged Into Social ‘Network’)

Collectibles Street Sale

Vegetarian (Removed)

Critic (Moved To Base Game)

Critic Art (Moved To Base Game)

Critic Food

Critic Performance

Deface Murals

Donate To Protesters



Food Stalls (Moved To Base Game, Updated)

F*cking Talking Toilet(merged)


Haggle (Moved To Base Game)

Watch Living Statue



Portable Keyboard



Puffer-fish (Removed)

Snow Globes


Spicy Food (Removed)

Street Performance

Video Game Console


Vintage Glamour

Apply Make Ups

Study Globe

Play With Make Up



Dark Meditation

Mesmerize (merged)

Vampire Duel (Friendly)

Vampire Training



Ill Manners

Make A Mess

Play With Doctor Set

School Project (merged)




Cats And Dogs

Care For Pets(merged)

Socialize With Pets (Merged)




Laundry Day

Do Laundry

Watch Laundry


My First Pet

Play With Rodents(merged)

Socialize With Rodents(merged)

Study Rodents



Kiddie Pool

Make Flower Arrangements

Rake Leaves/Shovel Snow






Play With Emotions

Spread Positive Emotions

Play With Negative Emotions


Talking Toilet

Be Friendly To The Talking Toilet

Be Mean To The Talking Toilet

Have Fun With The Talking Toilet

Sabotage The Talking Toilet




Mind Control (Updated)




Attend Festivals

Attend Spice Festival

Attend Romance Festival

Attend Geekcon

Attend Humor&Hijinks Festival

Attend Flea Market

Try To Find Love At Romance Festival

Join Mischief Team At Humor&Hijinks Festival

Join Joke Team At Humor&Hijinks Festival




Put Others To Sleep


School Project

Work On School Project Carefully

Work On School Project Sloppily


Care For Pets

Care For Pets

Care For Cats & Dogs


Socialize With Pets

Be Friendly To Animals

Be Mean To Animals

Be Friendly To Cats&Dogs

Be Mean To Cats&Dogs

Chase Flock Of Birds



Use Vet Objects

Craft Pet Treats


Play With Rodents

Care For Rodents

Play With Rodents


Socialize With Rodents

Be Friendly To Rodents

Be Mean To Rodents

Clean Rodent Cage



Bond With Bees

Disturb Bees

Known Issues

1.You can merely earn club perks by “Take photo with…”&”Take Photo Of”; Taking a selfie or of the scenery won’t earn you any perks although the game recognize them as an encouraged activity. This is due to the club system itself; You earn perks by doing an activity for some time and taking selfie and taking photos both happen immediately.

2.Some activities were disabled as an autonomous interaction, so your Sims won’t do some of the activities by themselves.

3.They will now sit down by the bubble blower if they’re close enough to one, but no one will try it at all! But before they sit down, everyone showed up a balloon with a cancel sigh covering the bubble blower icon…I don’t know why, but I can only think this way: the bubble blower is REALLY BAD FOR YOUR SIMS.

Custom club activities by other modder


I’Icemunorating with Icemunmun on MTS and she had already included tons of wonderful interactions in her mod!

  • Activity Table

  • Popcorn Machine

  • Carve Pumpkins

  • Drink Tea

  • Voodoo Doll

  • Collect Crystals

  • Collect Insects

  • Practice Herbalism

  • Make Ice Cream

  • Jog

  • Look For Lost Toys

  • Massage

  • Sauna

  • Retail Management

  • Dig Treasure

  • Trade Monster Cards

  • Cloud/Star Gaze

I won’t include any of her interactions in my mod! Check out her mod on this thread on MTS

Custom club activities compatible with mods

If you own the following mods, you can select to download the club activities!

BrittpinkieSims' Fashion Career Mod

  • Practice Modelling

  • Design Mannequin On The Easel

  • Write Fashion Magazine

  • Criticize Outfit

  • Talk About Fashion

Zerbu's Go To School V4

  • Ask About Skill

  • Ask For Emblem

  • Attend Lectures

  • Contact Aliens Through School Network

  • Fight For Emblem

  • Give Lectures

  • Share Knowledge

  • Study Skills Online

    Languages Available

1.Traditional Chinese(credit to myself)

2.English(also credit to myself)



1.2016-11-15 Updated City Living Activities

2.2016-12-13 Updated Vintage Glamor&GTS V4 activities



2.Brittpinkiesims for play-testing and checking the text

How To Install

1.Unzip the file after downloading, and then place it in "My Document>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods "

2.Enable custom content in game to make it appear in your game

3.NOT Base Game Compatible. You have to own Get Together for it to work and then selectively download the activities you need

4.This is NOT a script MOD


Don't know how to use cc or mods? See here

Have an issue or find a bug?See here


Term of use

When you download any of my mods, custom contents or other stuffs, you're considered to agree with my TOU

Never reupload my file or claim as your own.


Merged Files:


Separated Files:


Fashion Career Club


Go To School Club


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