Brittpinkiesims Mods Reviving

Updated: Jul 17

Hey Guys! So many people are saying they cannot find where to download Brittany's mods, so I made this page!

Brittany (kwown as Brittpinkiesims) was one of the most talented modder, as well as one of my best Simmer friends and had guided me in terms of modding. It's sad that she's on hiatus (and probably never coming back).

But for my own usage (and of course for Simmers like me who enjoyed her mods), I decided to revive her mods.

I'll slowly add more mods on the following page.

Currently Uploaded

  1. Fashion Career (script mod)

  2. Prom Mod

  3. Baby Shower

  4. Slumber Party

  5. Graduation(script mod)

  6. Funeral(script mod)

  7. Bachelor(ette) Party(script mod)

  8. Harry Potter CC Pack

  9. Harry Potter Mod Pack(not recommended, currently causing issues)

  10. Bowling Set

  11. Baby Shower Set

  12. Record Store Set


1.Q:Why does the sorting hat not give my Sim a new trait?

A: Sims can only have up to 3 traits. I deleted the override file as it was causing issues.

2.Q: Why don't the interactions show up in game? I can't complete event goals/daily assignments.

A: Check 'Help' page and check if you installed the mod correctly.



Alternative Download

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