Custom Career: Teen Criminal

Updated: Jun 4

Do you feel that your teens are a bit too "cool" to become a legal worker? Use this mod to join the teen criminal career!

With this mod, you can

1.Custom Career: Teen Criminal

2.Custom Chance Cards

3.Custom Career Tones

4.Reward Trait "Criminal Mastermind"

5.Custom Interactions: "Provide Plans On Crime Forums", "Persuade To Quit Criminal Job" or "Force To Quit Criminal Job"

6.Guide Your teens out of the criminal life with Parenting Skill!


1. Use the phone or computer to join the teen criminal career...if your SIm is a teen.

2.When at work, select custom career tones and get Simoloens or rewards or skill points!

3. "Plan A Crime" at work upon Level 3 and increase the success chance of a successful crime at work the next day!

4.Unlocks "Pick Pocket" interaction upon Level 2;

Earns the "Criminal MasterMind" reward trait upon Level 3 and unlock interaction "Provide Plans On Crime Forums" on the computer

5. "Criminal MasterMind" reward trait: If a Sim with this trait joins the criminal career upon growing up, he/she will get a special posotive moodlet. He/She can also climb up the Criminal career easier.

6. Custom Chance Cards

7. After your teens finished a shift from the career, parents can "Persuade To Quit Criminal Job" or "Force To Quit Criminal Job". Of course you need higher skill level to force them to do so, but you also grants a 100% chance to succeed if you force them to.

8. Persuaded teens will get a moodlet that lasts for a day. If they quit the job within a day, they can gain a lot of empathy back and also a happy moodlet.


Hello everyone! I used a new family to showcase this mod and...they have their own back story! Read for details below!

Schell Family is a mysterious family in Brindleton Bay. How Drew grew from a charming and well-mannered little boy into a mean-spirited teenager and if Mathew can balance between his career as a politician with his love for family are two questions local residents love to discuss. Why did Mrs. Schell ran away years ago? Will Drew step onto the path of crime or will Mathew guide him back onto the right path? Or maybe a woman can save the whole family?

First let's meet Drew. Drew is a self-assured boy in his childhood and is a charming boy in the neighborhood. He loved music and almost mastered piano and violin as a boy, he was talented, therefore he also had high logic and programming skill. After Mom ran away, Drew grew into a mean-spirited teenager.

This is Drew's father, Mathew. he loves his family, but his bad temper always make it harder to express himself correctly. Thus he had a semi-negative relationship with his son.

Mathew is a bookworm. He needs to read in order to climb up in his political career.

As a politician, Mathew always fight for law inforcement and the elimination of mischief.

However, his own son, Drew, should join the criminal career as a teen, right aginst his values.

Drew has grown the habit of pochet picking, he always 'visit' Malcolm and grab some easy cash.

And Drew felt content.

Drew does not like his father. His father always yelled at him whenever he does something wrong.

Mathew does not know what soft words mean, and always use the hard way to teach Frew a lesson.

Perhaps Drew learned all his mean words from Mathew?

Finally, Mathew noticed that his son was a teen criminal...He caught his son posting crime plans on the forums.

How will the Schell family work it out? Play your own story of the Schell family! You can @konansock on Tumblr,or use the hashtag#TS4SchellFamily to let me know your story of the Schell family!

You can either download in Gallery by the name 'konansock' (remember to check 'Enable Custom Content', though I didn't use any), or download below! “konansock”

DOWNLOAD Schell Family SimFileShare

Don't know how to use downloaded Sims? See here


1. 2018/4/9 Updated to fix issues with the chance cards.

2.2018/6/24 Updated to be compatible with Seasons.

3.2020/5/11 Updated to the latest version.

4.2020/6/4 Updated for Eco Living

Languages Available

1.Traditional Chinese(credit to myself)

2.English(also credit to myself)



2.BrittpinkieSims on Tumblr and Twitter for checking texts and play-testing and also encouragement, suggetsions and help!

3.孤城、雅哥、朴大哥 and 小黄、小羽,plus Z姐 and 朵朵 in the group chat,for play-testing and ideas!

4.本命呆毛 on Baidu and in the group chat for one Chance Card

How to install

1.Unzip the file after downloading, and then place it in "My Document>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods "

2.Enable custom content in game to make it appear in your game

3.Partly Base Game Compatible. You have to own Parenthood GP for the parenting part of the mod.

4.It's a SCRIPT MOD! So make sure you enabled script mods in game; Also, don't place the folder inside a subfolder in "My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods”

If the interactions aren't showing up in your game it's probably because you didn't even see through this post. Make sure you did everything right before you ask.

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Have an issue or find a bug?See here

Term of use

When you download any of my mods, custom contents or other stuffs, you're considered to agree with my TOU

Never reupload my file or claim as your own.



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