Custom Event:Karaoke Night

Updated: Jun 14

I love karaoke, and the singing skill in TS4 is quite entertaining. Therefore, I always wanted to create a karaoke party, so here it is!

With this mod, you can

1.Have a brand new event type: Karaoke Night

2.Custom goals to complete during the event

3.Custom interactions that fit in the theme

4.Custom Buffs

How to play

1.Click on your phone and select "Plan Social Event", and select the "Karaoke Night"

2.You can invite any teen or above to the party; The party can be held at any karaoke bar, bar, nightclub, lounge, genetic or residental lot!

3.Use custom interactions "Discuss lack of new songs" "Complain about uncreative karaoke videos" "Joke about tone-deaf Sims" "Brag About karaoke skills" or the in-game interaction "Ask about favorite singer" to complete the goal "Talk About Karaoke".

4."Ask about karaoke performance" interaction will only be unlocked after singing a song. The interaction is the only one that is not event exclusive

5. Try your best to complete as many goals as possible and earn rewards---some singing skill points, a crystal trophy, or even a microphone, a Love tester and a portable karaoke machine!

Known Issues

1.The "Sing Songs" goal can be completed by anyone, whether a guest or not

Functional Objects

1.A microphone dedicated to sing. (Unlock by reaching Bronze or higher)

2.The Crumplebottom Love Tester(Unlock by reaching Silver or higher)

**Doesn't require the Love Tester MOD for this Love Tester to function. However, if you have the Love Tester mod, you'll end up having two files with the name 'LovetesterTuningFiles.package' and you only need one.**

3.A Portable karoake machine (Unlock by reaching Gold)

Room Download

Want to download the room in the screeshot? You can download it below!

Recommended CC:

1. DIY Record Store by BrittpinkieSims

2.Stellar Stuff Pack by PlumbobTeaSociety

3.Several decorative objects by ATS4

DOWNLOAD Karaoke Room (Mediafire/SimFileShare)

Languages Available

1.Traditional Chinese(credit to myself)

2.English(also credit to myself)

3.French (credit to Kimikosoma)


1.8/28/2017 Updated for Custom Rewards

2.11/8/2017, Updated for Pre-Pets Patch

3.2018/6/24 Updated to be compatible with Seasons.

4.2020/5/11 Updated to the latest version

5.2020/6/4 Updated for Eco Living

6.2020/6/13 Updated to give influence bucks with Eco Lifestyle installed, and added French translation by Kimikosoma



2.Talented Modder BrittpinkieSims on Tumblr and Wix for suggestions, encouragement and play-testing. Also for her wonderful ccs in DIY Record Store Stuffs

3.@喂喂喂不要这样 on Baidu Tieba for play-testing and feedback

4.AroundTheSims for some decorative objects I used in my screeshots

5.PlumbobTeaSociety for the wallpaper and some posters I used in the screeshot(Stellar Stuff Pack),and for some clothes I used on the Sims in the screenshots(Nolan-Sims等人的Spring Fling Pack

6.Custom hairstyles by XLDSims

How to install

1.Unzip the file after downloading, and then place it in "My Document>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods "

2.Enable custom content in game to make it appear in your game

3.NOT Base Game Compatible. You apparently need City Living for the mod to work.

4.It's a SCRIPT MOD! So make sure you enabled script mods in game; Also, don't place the folder inside a subfolder in "My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods”

If the trait or some interactions aren't showing up in your game it's probably because you didn't even see through this post. Make sure you did everything right before you ask.

Don't know how to use cc or mods? See here

Have an issue or find a bug?See here

Term of use

When you download any of my mods, custom contents or other stuffs, you're considered to agree with my TOU

Never reupload my file or claim as your own.



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