Custom Traits:Tone-Deaf&Golden Throat

Updated: Jul 18

I was tired of the fact that everyone can sing well in the end…Well, it’s always fun to go to the karaoke…with someone that will probably never learn to sing! So here’s what I prepared for you!

Two karaoke related traits: tone-deaf and golden throat!

With this mod, you can

1.Find two new traits under the 'Hobbies' category in CAS---Tone-Deaf trait and a Golden Throat trait

2.A tone-deaf Sim will probably never learn to sing...And even they did learn how to sing...It won't count, he/she will still sing poorly

3.Sims with a golden throat are born to sing, they can sing lovely songs when they have low level of Singing skill.

Languages Available

1.Traditional Chinese(credit to myself)

2.English(also credit to myself)


1.2020/5/11 Added Simplified Chinese Translation.

2.2020/7/18 Added France Translation (credit to Kimikosoma)


Tool:S4S(Sims4Studio), EA for icons I used, Photoshop for editing icons

How to install

1.Unzip the file after downloading, and then place it in "My Document>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods "

2.Enable custom content in game to make it appear in your game

3.NOT Base Game Compatible. You have to own City Living for it to work.

4.This is NOT a script MOD

Don't know how to use cc or mods? See here

Have an issue or find a bug?See here

Term of use

When you download any of my mods, custom contents or other stuffs, you're considered to agree with my TOU

Never reupload my file or claim as your own.



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