Custom Books: Sherlock Holmes Series

Updated: Jun 28

As a serious Sherlock Holmes fan, I'm honored to have this custom content as my first mod to my fellow Simmers!

With this cc, you can

1.Read all nine books about Holmes (A Study in Scarlet/The Sign of the Four/The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes/The Hounds in the Baskervilles/The Return of Sherlock Holmes/His Last Vow/The Valley of Fear/The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes/PS: I chose not to include The House of Silk, but maybe I’ll add that later!) with nine identical covers!

2.Buy the books from your bookshelves so you can collect them! You can find them in the Skill Category

3.Build up your Logic Skill while having fun reading the book! (functions similar to the Logic Skill Book:Volume II, but it’s cheaper!) You’ll need some basic understandings of logic to enjoy the book.(Or they’ll be tensed!)

Languages Available

1.Traditional Chinese (credit to myself)

2.English (also credit to my self)



How To Install

1.Unzip the file after downloading, and then place it in "My Document>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods "

2.Enable custom content in game to make it appear in your game

3.Base Game Compatible

4.This is NOT a script MOD

Don't know how to use cc or mods?See here

Have an issue or find a bug?See here

Term Of Use

When you download any of my mods, custom contents or other stuffs, you're considered to agree with my TOU

Never reupload my file or claim as your own.



Alternative Download

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